Anari WorldView

Anari WorldView arranges highly personalized¬†institutional research seminars to investment markets in America and around the world for face-to-face small-group discussions with leading central bankers, government officials, economic planners, financiers, corporate executives and others shaping a given country’s or region’s course or direction.

Bill Anawaty and Anari Worldview Trip participants meet with

Governor Kuroda at the Bank of Japan

This independent tool — useful for economic evaluation, asset allocation, risk assessment, strategic planning, and investment selection — develops and enhances an institution’s “worldview” for effective decision-making.

Dai Xianglong recent Chairman of China's $126 Billion NSSF
Dai Xianglong recent Chairman of China’s $126 Billion NSSF

Today, some 50 institutional and financial executives from 15 US and 7 foreign cities take part regularly in Worldview institutional research seminars in the U.S., Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

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